Caldo De Cabeza

Don’t speak Spanish and can’t quite figure out what this one is by the pictures? Sheep’s head soup! Another local dish at the San Pedro Markets in Cusco. Made from cutting a sheep’s head in half and letting it, and everything inside, cook in a broth with turnip and parsley. Only served until 11:00am, this is what the locals eat for breakfast.

‘Unfortunately’ I was unable to try this – what I’m sure was a delicious meal, as I arrived after 11:00am. A few friends however did get a chance to try it, and I managed to grab a couple of pictures and hear their opinion of the Cusco specialty.

When asked what it tasted like, one person replied:

“You know when you walk past a farm and it smells like sheep?…That’s exactly what it tastes like.”

Personally, I understand exactly what they are trying to say…I think. But if you can’t quite visualise it exactly, I spoke to a couple of other friends, Joe and Kim, who went one morning to have breakfast like the locals do.

Sheep Head Soup

“The sheep wasn’t to bad, but there wasn’t a whole lot of meat on the head, but as you can see it came with the ears on it, so that was a nice touch.”                    (See above picture).

Remember how I said that the soup is made with the head and everything that’s inside the head? Well, if you have a good look at the picture below, you can see exactly where the brain fits into the skull! If your ‘lucky’ enough, you may even get served up a bowl with a complimentary eyeball – or two. Yum…

Sheep Skull

“The broth had a bit of an odd taste to it, but I think that is just how they make it because when I had something else there it tasted the same. Other then that, there were a few different types of tatters in the broth. Pretty exciting stuff!”

So, if your ever in Cusco and feel like a local style breakfast, head down to San Pedro Markets. You will find this specialty in the ‘food court’ section of the warehouse, located in the far back left corner – and remember, ask for caldo de cabesa!

A big thanks to Joe and Kim for helping out on this one, providing their opinions and personal photos.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mykombiandi says:

    That is unusual to say the least, but so interesting to see.

  2. Joe Balge says:

    Love it. They should really try and market that in the US 😛

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