Camden’s Night Markets


Zebra in London? Yep, you can find it! In burger form anyway. And that’s exactly what I had for dinner last night at Camden’s Night Markets. A friend has just moved to London and I suggested we meet up at Camden to check out the markets and grab something to eat. Being Camden I knew it was going to be cool, but my expectations where a handful of food stalls selling kebabs, Thai, and burgers. What it actually consisted of was dozens of food stalls, containing food from all continents of the world, cooked fresh in front of you.

Deciding to get a few things and share so that we could taste even more, we started with a zebra cheese burger and a bowl of Ethiopian food. The zebra burger just tasted like any other burger I have ever eaten, though it was pretty cool to now say I’ve eaten zebra! The Ethiopian food was the most surprising. Until coming to London I hadn’t even realised that it was even a particular cuisine, and seeing the stall, I was keen to try it! It was really cool – a little strange, but cool. I really enjoyed it. Especially the fact that it can be eaten with my hands, using the injera, which is really, really weird. It’s kind of like a flat bread crossed with a crepe I guess, yet really spongy. Odd, but tasted good and was great for picking the food up with. The food was a beef stew, with salad (we got everything of course) including a yellow cabbage, beans, beetroot, lentils, rice, corn and spinach. It was delicious, and I will definitely be eating it more often.

P1040188A very cheesy zebra burger.

P1040187My Ethiopian meal, kind of looking like a mess after splitting the meal between the two of us. It still tasted delicious though!

P1040184Also available with the exotic game burgers; cajun potatoes.


While we were eating at a long, communal bench, some organisers where setting up some tables, which we found out were for a speed eating competition. What they had to eat was the biggest burger I have ever seen, including two beef patties and two steaks. Although it was kind of disgusting, it was also good fun to watch.


Oh that girl, she sucked.

After watching six people eat about 5 kilos of meat and bread it was dessert time! Yaaaay! Chocolate and bananas crepes, and dutch pancakes it was! Both of which were incredible, the crepes we ate while standing in silence because they were so good! Oh my god, I want another one now just thinking about them!



So excited! And for good reason too, it was amazing!


Mini Dutch pancakes! Made my a girl who was were a very cool shirt of a kangaroo saying “G’day Mate”.  Ha!

All in all it was a great evening, catching up with a friend and trying some amazing new food. With a band on stage playing  some great Arabic style music and everyone dancing and jumping along, it was an amazing atmosphere, everyone enjoying themselves!




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  1. Bakoyma says:

    Haha, “After watching six people eat about 5 kilos of meat and bread it was dessert time!” – this was an awesome read, thanks for sharing! ;-D

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