Coachella 2013


I have been a little slack on my writing lately, down mainly to being quite busy in the real world at the moment, so a quick little photo stream of my Coachella 2013 weekend. An amazing experience, where I saw some incredible live music, met plenty of unique people and made some friends along the way. An excellently run festival, without your typical Australian bogans walking around with there shirts off trying to start fights; just a few ten thousand people there to enjoy the music!

Not the greatest quality photos, sorry!

1017611_627022880642916_567523617_n1045015_627023963976141_10989234_n1044572_627023250642879_1076814895_n1043970_627023077309563_2073384533_n1010802_627024083976129_404290802_nNo matter where you are, you will always find an Aussie. And they like to let you know they’re Australian!

1009740_627023727309498_268599925_nTaking a much needed break!

1003825_627023137309557_2000155106_n993590_627022730642931_1289797994_nOne of the um, art installations. Which consisted of a hippo person sitting inside this box for hours and pressing buttons. Definitely interesting to watch.

1001622_627023417309529_972246990_n995684_627023780642826_470425929_n945601_627023533976184_1373127366_nThe moving snail! Which made the ‘meet you by the snail’ a little hard.



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