The In’s and Out’s of Cusco’s San Pedro Market.

I’ve touched on the San Pedro Market in Cusco a few times before, in particular mentioning all the weird and wonderful products you can obtain there. The most popular section, for both locals and curious tourists, is the ‘Innards’. Here is a little insight into what exactly you can find hanging on hooks and spread across make shift tables. Enjoy the pun!

Hope your not eating dinner!

1175100_624915976736_971943495_nLungs and tongues!

534008_624915188316_38857367_nFancy some mouths..of, something?

12957_624915328036_409175563_nOr jaws?

1000598_624915842006_1084311461_nCow hearts!

994906_624914559576_1673608979_nLama fetuses, used by local shamans.

16274_624916241206_2017541643_nJust a cow with a skinless face…

535857_624912882936_1240508341_nAnd of course, it wouldn’t be complete with some hamster!  

Special thanks to Kim and Joe for grabbing all these ‘delicious’ pictures.


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  1. mykombiandi says:

    Wow! It amazing how much of the animal other countries use. We are so wasteful over here. Some very graphic images but brilliant at the same time.

    1. Graphic yeah, but that’s life in other parts of the world!

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