Hot’ Horse Burgers in Slovenia


When the rest of the world went into an international hissy fit over traces of horse DNA in burgers, I can only assume that the Slovenian’s reactions was something along the lines of: “What’s the big deal? It’s only a little horse meat.”

Though it is rarely purchased due to the fact that it is quite expensive at butchers compared to other more common meat like beef, there is one place which offers this product in a fairly normal way…hamburgers. Just outside the city centre, there are two separate fast food stores which offer horse burgers at a fairly reasonable price.

If the name ‘Hot Horse’ hasn’t put you off trying one of them yet, once inside the small, brightly light box, completely stereotypical of all other fast food chains worldwide, you place your order at touch screen machine. Besides burgers, they also offer wraps and salad, and as well as the traditional style burger, there is also the choice of a wholegrain bun for a ‘healthier’ option. You then press in all your preferred salads and extras – just like at Subway. It is then briskly made for you at the counter and you are left to find a seat among families, business people grabbing something to eat after work, and groups of youths who obviously prefer the taste of horse, rather then a McDouble Cheeseburger, to munch down on as they waste their teenage years hanging around in fluorescently lit boxes.

The first bite tastes just like a frankfurt – you know the one used for hot dogs, which consists of all the left overs scrapped off the butcher’s floor, put through a machine and piped into the artificial red skin. I was fine with this, really, but after a moment or two it starts to get really funky. I’m not sure how I would describe it’s taste, but personally, it was not an enjoyable experience. I would like to point out that this is coming from the person who has willingly tried, and would happily eat again, the following: dog, the inside of a pigs skull, insects, spiders, snake, guinea pig, snakes blood, rice whiskey which still had various scales floating in it, an unidentifiable organ from am unknown animal, and toad and fish soup. Okay, so I probably wouldn’t have the toad and fish soup again, because that was actually nasty, but you see my point. So yes, with the mindset of, ‘whatever, I’ve eaten worst’, I walked in there feeling pretty confident. So although I couldn’t finish it (and anyone who has eaten a meal with me, which usually takes me less than five minutes, knows that this is a quite a statement), everyone has different taste buds, preferences and likes and dislikes – so if you’re game enough, go for it! Try something new.


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  1. mykombiandi says:

    Wow! You have eaten a lot of strange things and now horse. Makes you wonder what is in our “hot dogs” doesn’t it?

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