Soup in Chiang Rai


In the centre of Chiang Rai, Thailand, there sits a giant outdoor food court, where you can buy everything from 100 year old eggs and every deep fried insect imaginable to ‘fresh’ sushi – though I would advise against the sushi, on the basis of it’s freshness, considering as the nearest ocean is quite a way away. But don’t worry, there is plenty of other fresh goodness to be found in the stalls which border the large court, which accommodates hundreds of tables and chairs, and tourists and locals alike to fill them.

If you want super fresh, and super delicious, I would go for this Pho style soup which you get to create yourself. You go up and order, telling the stall’s staff where you are sitting, and in no time they appear with the burning embers, a pot of soup base, meat, and your fresh ingredients for you to add as you please. They set it up for you, and away you go!

529262_10101439010952399_886633938_nA friend and I eagerly watching our pot being set up, while we continue on our entree of fried critters!

Yeah, the place is kind of dodgy to Western standards, and the tables aren’t the cleanest, but if you want authenticity and want to eat where the locals do, this is the place. There are plenty of food stalls, and even if you don’t want to give everything a taste, there is lots to be intrigued by. Plus, they put on a traditional Thai dance show on stage every evening!



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