The Bottom Of The World: The Last Continent

My online presence has been a bit scarce the past couple of months. One, because sometimes life can just get a little busy, and two, surprisingly, there is no WiFi in Antarctica.


Ever since mid December I have been using all the self disciple I have to not get online and post in capital letters; HOLY FUCK I’M GOING TO ANTARCTICA!!! It was a bit of a struggle, but I made it through the few weeks before I was on a plane bound for Buenos Aires.

A few weeks prior to this I was just laying around at home, questioning my job and to be honest, getting a little bored of London, when a friend messaged me with the line, “Hey, want to come to Antarctica?”

Now, I’m not sure what most normal people would say to this to be honest, as  I’m not most people. My answer however, which took all of three seconds, was “YES.” When an opportunity like this comes knocking at your door, or one’s Facebook notifications, I believe that it should be grasped without a moments hesitation. And to the particular friend who gave me this opportunity, I will be forever grateful.

Only one week into the new year, there we were, standing on the jetty of Ushuaia, the southern most ‘city’ in the world. The snow capped mountains which border the city back dropping our departure, in front of us nothing except the horizon and the dark blue water which led to the Drake Passage, which itself led to the Antarctic waters. We walked up the gangway of our home for the next two weeks; the Denmark made, Russian Akademik Ioffe, used during the Cold War to spy on and intercept U.S ships and messages.

P1040261The point of departure was the same jetty used for shipping containers and a few more luxurious cruises.


???????????????????????????????Saying goodbye to Ushuaia

The next two weeks on that ship, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by only water, ice and thousands of penguins were obviously incredible. You don’t need me to tell you that. There was a lot going on, a lot to see, a lot to experience, and way to much to just put it all into one post. So I’m going to split it up a bit, into different topics, different places, so hopefully you can get a greater understanding of each individual experience, what it looked like, felt like. So if your interested to see what it’s really like down there; the complete desolation paired with sheer, overwhelming beauty, or you just really like looking at lots of pictures of penguins, then keep an eye out over the next few weeks!



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