20 Truths of Traveling Poor

There are several different types of travelers. To many for me to list here, but there is one type in particular; the ones who live for it. Who feel more at home in a city where they have never been before then there own home town. Who are perfectly happy to live out of a bag for months, if not years at a time. Who will quite happily rotate between two shirts if it means they are somewhere new. Those who may even be technically homeless, but are perfectly content. Warning, this life isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s for a select few who are willing to endure a few uncomfortable situations just to live free. And here are a few of those things which we endure. Never complaining.

1. For a flight which usually takes six hours, you will fly half way around the world, have eight stopovers and take four days just to get the cheapest flight.


2. You will become very well accustomed to airports, as you will be sleeping in a lot of them.    

3. You will also spend time sleeping in bus and train stations.        
4. You will therefore become an expert at how to keep your luggage safe while asleep.

5. You will purposely book overnight tickets so that you don’t have to pay for a bed. Even if it means arriving somewhere at 4 am (If I can sit in it, I can sleep in it.)


6. You will also become at expert at sleeping in chairs and on tiles – with fluresent lights.


7. You will spend weeks sleeping on people’s couhes, who you only met a few weeks, if not days, ago (but you will become great friends).

8. You will scab lifts off Craigslist.

9. Clothes will get washed in bathroom sinks.

10. What you wear will be determined by what smells the least.


11. You will end up wearing the same pair or underwear for at least a couple of days in a row.

12. And then turn them inside out and wear them for at least a couple more days that way.                        

13. Make up?

14. Shaving is not a nessecity.

15. There are days when you won’t eat much.


16. A four bedroom dorm is treated as a five star luxury.


17. The words FREE BREAKFAST is a deal maker.

18. FREE BEER and you’re never  leaving.    
19. You will have the best stories, meet the most interesting people and make the best friends.


20. And dispite the discomfort you will enjoy every single second of it, because you are doing what you love.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. mykombiandi says:

    Absolutely true Clare! Brilliant!!!!! Shaving is not necessary, I didn’t shave for the entirety of my Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan trip. Now I’ve decided to rock a beard, it’s just easier.

    Great post, well done!

    1. Ammendment: “And you may just realise that you can totally rock a beard!”

    2. You bloody hipster! 😉

  2. mykombiandi says:


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